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  • The base taxi fare in Richmond VA is $2.50
  • Every additional mile costs $2.50
  • Taxi cab wait, or idling time charge is $0.50 per 80 seconds
  • Extra surcharge price of $1.00 gets added during after hours service (typically between 9 pm - 6am)
  • $1.00 charge for any additional passengers
  • Passengers under the age of 6 ride free. However, the minor should be accompanied by a full fare paying passenger
  • Fares indicated on the meter do not show toll fees. Toll charges will be extra
  • For all trips originating from RIC airport, the minimum fare is $10 or meter rate, whichever is higher. A $2.00 airport access fee is also added to the total fare. There is no access fee or $10 minimum fare for trips going to the airport.

Looks confusing? Let's look at an example. Bob wants to travel 1 mile in a taxi. When the meter starts, his base fare is $2.50. When he reaches his destination after a mile, he will be charged a $2.50 fare for the mile. So, Bob's total fare will be $5. No taxes are added. Now, if there were 2 passengers who entered a taxi, the base fare would be $2.50 + $1.00 for the additional passenger (unless the passenger is 6 years or below). So, with 2 passengers, the meter actually starts at $3.50. Any additional miles are charged at $2.50. So, if 2 passengers travel in a taxi for 1 mile, the total fare will be $6.

Now lets understand taxi wait time charges. As mentioned above, cab waiting time in Richmond VA is charged at $0.50 for every 80 seconds of waiting time. However, idling time is also considered as wait time. So, if you're stuck in traffic, each time your taxi starts idling or has stopped, you are charged 50 cents per 80 seconds. This can actually send your taxi fare skyrocketing pretty fast. Not great, right? Well, with our taxi service, we can offer you long distance flat rates in advance, so even if you are stuck in traffic for 20-30 minutes, we will honor our taxi rate quote. No worries, no more fare guessing, we will get you to your destination on time at our promised fare.

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